All The World's Riches...Mere Vanity

Peace and Joy.  For millions of people that is not a birth right.  Poverty, disease and social unrest come to rob you of your 'true' riches.  Mankind has established financial wealth as the measurement of success and accomplishment.  A billionaire can have everything, but when the God of the universe beckons his soul, where is the peace, where is the a vapor gone!  God watches us as we continue to build our houses on sand and not rock.  Those who have built this way labor in vain.  King Solomon was the wisest and wealthiest man to ever live and in his wisdom, he spoke from his heart, 'it is all but vanity.'

What is it for a man to gain the world and lose his soul?  All the money spent on supplements, weight loss, cosmetic surgery, working out and on and on.  At the end of your energy, time and money spent, by God's calendar you haven't added one second to your life.

Maybe it's not ringing up in your bank account, but so you want some real dividend yielding assets?  Start serving your fellow man, it's not hard to find where to make a deposit.  The world's covered with people in need.  Go visit a nursing home, pray for someone, volunteer at a soup kitchen, when you stop this week to pick up a bag of groceries, buy some extra items and drop them off at your local church or food pantry.  If you see someone with a sign on the road begging for money, give him the $5.00 lottery money, God will see that and your lottery winnings will surely be counted.  When you're riding along in your warm car and you see someone without a coat, look for that person tomorrow and give him the coat you never wear.  Jesus said as you have given to any one of these, you've given to me.

Personally I need to learn how to love.  where there is perfect love, there is no fear.  The two cannot coexist.  As a society today, outside the walls of local churches, do we know how to love each other?  Good morning, how are you?  Great job today!  I appreciate the ride home. Thank you for lending me the money.  You feel bad today, I've got some medicine I'll bet will help you.  I don't know where hospitality went, but I feel this world has become very cold.

Greed, selfishness, a desire to get a lead, regardless of the cost, deadline pressure, bottom lines, the stress is staggering.  We've managed to create a race of robots, faster...faster  
faster, no mistakes, no wasted materials, no quarters in the red.  Where does all this pressure vent itself?  On your co-workers, your family, that guy driving in front of you or the person who just broke in front of you in the grocery check out.

When people finally pop...I didn't see that coming, that side of him, quiet, a loner, never fit in.  Could it be that when they tried to fit in they were talked over, when they made their point, they were laughed or stared at, when they kept to themselves, trying to 'gather the pieces', people couldn't understand their grumpiness.

We have a world spinning out of control and the USA, the greatest country on earth has decided they'd rather count their earthly riches, well I'm convinced the stacks of money are about to start crumbling.  God wants to be a part of his Creation's lives, but most Americans don't want God.  They want the feel good, now, forget about tomorrow life.

The storm clouds are gathering and God's counting his sheep...where are you on his list?  If you want to hold on to your wealth (money, sex, drugs, alcohol, fame) it's very shortly going to be absolutely worthless!

Our country needs to take hold of what we know is right and put God back in our daily lives, to continue down this path will be destruction of life as we know it.  G
od has said to turn from your evil ways and seek my face and I will heal your land.  I don't see anyone in the flesh producing any answers, how have we managed to slip so far?

We need God today like the Israel of old needed God.  He's the only answer for the world's ills.  Doesn't matter what you've done, he's already died for it.  Ask him into your heart today and let's watch him heal this great nation!  Praise you Lord Jesus!!