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A Carpenter Named Savior

A Carpenter Named Savior by Author Randolph Alvis offers readers the true meaning of life from a biblical perspective through a short collection of devotionals.  This is a must read!

Journaled by the author as he turned to the Lord in search of answers during a very dark time in his life, the author presents poignant insights in his writings that are relevant and address various issues of life.  As a personal devotional, the purpose of this book is to share wisdom and understanding that aids in gaining a higher perspective in life, enabling one to overcome life’s trials.  Life does not come without trials and tribulations, but there is hope to be found in the carpenter named Savior who is the King of kings and Lord of lords.    

One will find courage and inspiration as each devotional is straightforward, honest and heart-felt, yet addresses pertinent issues that face every human today.  Life has become a relentless rat race, with no hope, peace or joy without the Savior.  The author has taken some of the deeper teachings that relate to eternity, the vanity of worldly wealth, happiness, the joy of giving, thankfulness and sheds light on these many areas, offering a better way – Jesus’ way…No doubt one will be able to identify themselves within the pages as the author gives many teachings from his life and the Lord straight from his heart to yours.  One will find these articles to be blessings full of encouragement, guidance and wisdom.  It is the authors delight to share the hope, peace, wisdom and the knowledge of Jesus Christ to all through this collection.  

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A Carpenter Named Savior
Randolph Alvis
ISBN #978-1484174401
A CBM Christian Book Review
9.0 out of 10.0 stars