God Forgive My Repetiveness

Lord, months have passed and my prayers have been simple folly.  My daily cries have begun to wear sorely upon me.  Each of my days have become a mirrored image of the day before.  I know you've never left my side, but my loneliness has become unbearable.  To my demise, my words have usually been complaining and questioning, why nothing ever changes?

God you are a most merciful God.  I know this, because you watched me systematically unravel my life for the last forty two years.  I looked to every worldly offering to make my hurt disappear, unfortunately, the things I pursued, solidified my miseries.

We are made in your image, but you gave us the Blessing of a free will.  When troubles arose we could seek your face or we could begin the masqueraded of hiding behind the lust of this world.  Choices, choices...choices, a life filled with them.  Satan knows your every weakness and he's had thousands of years to have 'tweaked' them for your destruction. 

When I heard or read testimonies of prostitutes, drug addicts, homosexuals or murderers receiving Jesus as their Lord and Savior and being set free in their minds and hearts I wondered why I still wander around without answers.  The Bible says you know what we'll say before we speak it and you know the intent of our hearts, God, has not my spirit been broken and my heart sorrowful for its unrighteousness?  Am I that slow to realize that without total surrender to Jesus, my life will remain in a state of nothingness?

My prayer this evening Dear Lord Jesus is to ask for forgiveness for a heart that has been filled with the lust for this world and the selfish nature I know you deplore.  Help me Holy Spirit to bring my flesh into total submission to Jesus Christ.  Speak to me Father, to open my heart to receive what the Spirit is saying about bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Jesus.

Cleanse me Dear God from every day I've lived by fear and not by faith.  May your great mercy be poured out over me and that your blood, Jesus, shall wash me whiter than snow.

Father God I am a sinner and my sins have been great, but I know my Savior Jesus suffered and died for every horrendous thought or action I ever committed.  I confess to you this day, God I've basically thrown my life away and I need your mighty right hand to reach down from Heaven and set me upon the rock that is higher than I.  Jesus you are my rock and without you I can do...absolutely...Nothing!  For in you I move and have my being!  Jesus you are my every need, everything I possess is from your table and I have been granted great mercies, when surely, I haven't been deserving.

Thank you Lord God for being a God of Love and Compassion.  Thank you for showing mercy towards everyone, born a sinner.  Thank you for the tremendous healings, deliverances and Salvations that the Holy Spirit has poured out on needy people.  Even when my life seems such a mess, I know in my heart that you're still in love with me!  I know this, because your Word declares it, and unlike man, you're unable to lie.

I Praise you Father God, your ways are not our ways and your thoughts are much higher than ours.  We usually are very ill equipped to understand the master plan you are performing in our lives, but I know the finished product will surely bring you much Praise and Honor.

Thank you Dear God for this day, thank you Jesus for the very breath in my body and Holy S
pirit for the strength and guidance to make it through each day.  Your plan for my life is bigger than my mind can encompass and very often the events leave my head spinning, but thank you Dear God, thank you that you have everything under control...and it's all good! Praise your Holy Name!!