Hang On...With One Spoken Word Your Life Can Be Changed

With his words all things were created.  We being filled with his Spirit have that SAME power, our words speak power, be it negative or positive.  Hearing those words reinforces that power ( by hearing you gain measures of Faith)

Before man's creation God spoke of his creations as being good ( and God saw the light and said that it was good)  He spoke life into the blades of grass and every seed was Blessed by God with the ability to recreate itself and God saw that it was good.

God said let there be light in the heavens and let it be for signs and seasons and for days and years.  Signs...seasons?  For who...God had his plan in place for who could use and appreciate these signs in the heavens (creation of Adam and Eve)

He placed the greater light in the heavens to rule the day...perfectly placed in just the right position from the earth to not be burnt up and not too far away to freeze it...perfect just the way God performs everything.  What is the surface of the sun's heat, 10,000 degrees?  God is so awesome he can place that floating fireball into orbit, because our God is a all consuming fire!

God created the whales and all the creatures beneath the ocean and all the creatures upon the earth.  Think about that for just a second, in God's mind he saw sizes, colors, he saw ways of movement, he saw characteristics, he saw the creatures indwelling abilities to mate, move about the earth finding food, his mind saw every creation...and then he just spoke them into existence.  Man you think you're all that...God's all that and more than you and I can imagine.  God then Blessed these creatures, telling them to be fruitful and multiply.  He spoke them into existence, then he supernaturally commanded them to reproduce.

God then said, let us make man.  where did God envision this...his creation and to he said, 'let man be in our image.'  Who is our?  Obviously the God of all creation whose Spirit moved amongst the darkness of the earth before creation, was his Holy Spirit and 'our image' is indeed Jesus, speaking about he and the Father.  The Bible says Jesus created all things.

When Adam was created he had complete dominion over every living creature on earth.  Every tree yielding seed was to be Adam's meat and to every creature...green herb for their meat.  

At the completion of the sixth day God still was saying 'It is Good.'  The 7th day was sanctified by God, for he rested from his labors and that is what his commandment was for mankind, the 7th day is to be kept Holy.

No rain had ever fallen on earth, a mist came up from the earth to water it.  God formed Adam from the dust of the earth and breathed his very breath into Adam.  The doctors today with stem cell research and all its technology pale in comparison to God forming man from the dust of the earth.  Another thought, where do you think the thoughts that come into man's mind to create come from?  Outer space, our evolving mind from an ape or possibly...God!

God formed the Garden of Eden and placed his man in the garden.  How awesome, Adam appears from nothing, then he's transported into his beautiful surroundings.  God had Adam dress the garden and keep it, so Adam obviously conversed with God and was given an intellectual understanding how to care for his surroundings.  He commanded Adam that he could eat of every tree in the garden, but not the tree of good and evil or he would surely die.  So Adam must have had the knowledge of what death meant.

Then God told Adam to name every creature on earth and the name he chose, would be their name.  Can you imagine how long that could have taken and that God must have supernaturally brought them before Adam.  God then placed Adam into a deep sleep and removed one of his ribs and created his 'help meet', Eve.  The God of all creation spoke to a bone and created a living soul.  God must have told Adam how Eve was created, whereas Adam said 'she is bone of my bone', how would he have known?  The were both in the garden, naked and not ashamed...of what?  Where would the element of being ashamed and fear exist, at that moment, it couldn't exist.

Did the serpent that appeared to Eve look like a snake of today or was it a upright walking creature, it could talk and it must have not instilled fear in Eve, because she talked with it.  The first lie to ever be documented was now made, 'eat of the tree in the midst of the garden, you surely shall not die.'  The lie continues as the serpent told Eve she would be like gods if she ate of the tree, having the ability to know good and evil.  How did she even know the terms good and evil?  If she did have that much intellect, it definitely was the first 'choice' made by mankind.  Our free will was given its first opportunity and it failed the entire human race.  

What power did she have over Adam to entice him to eat also?  He had communed with God for who knows , how long, before Eve appeared, but even after that intimate relationship his will surrendered also, to the lie.  Immediately upon eating, they realized that they were naked.  Innocence and the perfect relationship between creation and Creator had now written the future for humanity.  Now God walked amonst the garden and said 'where art thou?'  Why?  Because he was testing his creation to see if lies would proceed from their mouths.

Eve responded to God's inquires that the serpent  had beguiled her.  Beguiled her?  Adam and Eve must have had Godly intellect, their fall from Grace wasn't because they were ignorant, their fall was because they acted out the world's first sin, by disobeying God to not eat
of the forbidden fruit.

God said the serpent would now crawl upon its belly all the days of its life, so possibly the serpent had walked upright before he deceived Adam and Eve.  God then declared that Adam (mankind) shall work everyday of their lives now to earn a living unlike the constant provision that was provided him in the garden.  

God had created man in his own image, a spirit being.  Satan had worked such deception that day in the Garden of Eden that everything God had Blessed Adam and Eve with, must have paled with the smooth lies Satan fed to Eve that day.  Given the freedom of choice by their Creator they chose not to obey God, there sin would now weigh on all of mankind.  God's perfect world had now become tainted. 

Jesus had spoken the universe into existence and now the Father would ask of him, to step down from his Glory and offer himself as a sacrifice for all of mankind, to rekindle the relationship back with God.  Ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, sin has plagued people's lives.  Sickness, disease and death are the fruit of our sins.  If  sins in your life have you bound and your joy and peace you once knew has disappeared, don't feel hopeless and in despair, because with one spoken word, Jesus can turn your circumstances inside out.  Your life can be restored and made whole.  He knows you much better than you know yourself, your every thought, your emotions, your fears and every heartache.  We aren't on this earth by some mystical happen stance, we've been marvelously designed and this Awesome God eagerly listens to your every prayer.  

With his spoken Word everything there ever was, is today and will ever be was created by him and by his spoken Word in the blink of an eye he can change your world!