His Temple, Built In His Image

Every word heard before spoken, every thought displayed before being manifested.  The depths of hurt my heart felt, the fear and panic realized, my tears are his tears, my sense of loneliness has been his experience.  Despair and emptiness due to the loss of a loved one, he felt as he turned his eyes away at Calvary.

I cannot hide from your sight of me.  My heartbeat is in his hands.  I desperately long for his touch, even though I'm well aware he's never left my side.  I pray for his voice to speak to my heart, calm the tidal wave of my existence.  I keep hearing over and over 'Be still and know I am God.'  His Spirit dwells in this temple he created that is called 'me.'  Have I honored this temple and made it a place worthy of the King of Kings?  The voice I hear is a resounding...no!

We have been wonderfully woven with Godly genetics.  He breathed his very breath into our dust formed bodies.  Every molecule of our being has his DNA.  We have indeed been created in his image.  Created by and awesome builder...a builder of minds, souls and hearts. Placed on this earth unlike any other human being.  A creation to offer our maker his 'good pleasure.'

So why do we continue to call out to him for all our needy ways?  Did he somehow fail us in his design?  Could sin be the reason this human race is making such a crazy mixed up world?

When we think of God, if we ever do, during our busy schedules could we imagine him crying or having his heart broken over anything we do?  Could that be possible?  He said we're made in his image and we're created for his 'good pleasure', wouldn't it just make sense that he would and definitely he does, feel our every emotion.  God's got a heart, bigger than you or I can imagine...don't you think it hurts when he sees us screw our lives up?  Don't think for a moment he doesn't cry when he feels exactly what we're feeling when hearts are hurting.

He's here, he's there, in face there's positively nowhere he isn't!  He's loving, caring and molding each one of our lives.  So remember each and everyday, you have a Heavenly Father who loves you, cries with you and feels everyone of your emotions.  He experiences everything you do and he's working to mold your life exactly the way he envisioned it before you were born.