A Quiet Surrender...Jesus' Peace Is Your Reward

Peace that passes all understanding.  Do you have that?  do you awake everyday with the confidence to know your job is rock solid and you'll always have it?  On your ride in to work are you comfortable knowing the drive will be a safe one?  Have you got that inner feeling that whatever happens today, you're big enough to deal with it?  The call from your wife, the loss of a major client, a very upset customer or the deal that was 'done', suddenly isn't.  Do these events shake that inner you or do you have that 'peace'?

That kind of peace isn't secured by how many drinks you knocked down at the club or how many women your wife isn't aware of in your life.  It's not a cocky confidence driving a new BMW or sitting in a river view office, behind a big desk.  It isn't about the next quarterly bonus you're about to bag.  The world can only give you a masquerading peace.  Short spurts that entice the senses only long enough for you to plan the next 'high'.

If you were Blessed enough to hear about Jesus sometime in between the dealings, dating, drinking or money making, there lies your answer to real peace.  Jesus owns it, but he's not greedy with it, in fact he wants to give some...to you!  His peace is far GREATER than all the world's 'peace' combined.  His peace will last, it will comfort you and keep you strong.  You'll be so happy inside, money and things will somehow lose their glitter.

It's yours to have today, but there is a price to pay.  You've got to give up your idols that you worship.  What's your peace?  Time, money, sex, a big job title, big house, boat...come on, you know who your gods are!  Surrender, that's what Jesus tells us to do and his peace is what you'll receive.  Hold on to this life and you will lose it, die to this life and he'll give you eternal peace!

It''s a hard decision for a lot of people.  I see my money, my car, my hot women, I can touch them, feel them, smell them, but they are temporal.  Jesus says, let them go, aim for what you can't see, that's eternal...that's where true peace lies.

It's yours to have, what are you willing to surrender?  If you ever get it, you'll ask yourself, why did I waste so much of my life on all the mirages of peace?

He who the Son sets free, is free indeed!  Go ahead, begin to surrender and start to feel what REAL PEACE feels like.  Lord, I'm not there, but at least I know where my journey is headed. PRAISE YOU JESUS!!