Longing For Your Answer

What prayer can be spoken that hasn't been said?  Where is my life headed, where am I being led?  Countless prayers, you're right Lord not many tears, too self indulged with needless fears.  If only I had spent more time as a young man seeking your face, I'm convinced I wouldn't be in such a dark, fearful place.

There was always tomorrow, no need to search for God today, I'll ask for help when I need it...I'll do it my way.  

After a life of nothing but procrastination and excuses, why now, do I question God with the chastisement he uses?  I tell myself Father that the plan for my life can't be just this...it has to be something far greater, but Dear God let me see it now, not later.  Yes, that's how the human condition wants all of life's problems taken care of, deliver me God, send me a miracle from above.

In the midst of your battle have you slowed down long enough to allow the Master a chance for his work to be done, to make you a fisherman of men, a mighty instrument in the hands of his Son.  Impatient, weary, too tired to pray, but always murmuring, God where's my deliverance...why God, why not today?

We know the answer, God hasn't kept it a mystery.  Meditate it, breathe it, live it...it's the Word!  The Word of God, that's the key that releases all the power.  It was present on the first Christmas morning, it rolled away the stone on that third day Easter hour.  How much time do you spend in prayer, reading the Word, diligently seeking him?  Why aren't prayers answered you've continually sent, that's probably a clue, your investment with him...your sacrifice of time spent.

I know in my heart how much you love us Father down here.  Ready to heal our broken hearts and dry every tear.  Holy Spirit I pray you continue to keep me strong, the battles have been tough, but you mighty Comforter have me exactly where God says I belong.  Mold me, shape me, conform me into the image of your Son, at the end of these trials Father I know in your perfect way you will have formed something beautiful out of this piece of clay.

For the majority of my life I told myself I had all the answers to life's questions.  What I really had was a real bad plan...no prayer, no repenting spirit, no contrite heart and no surrender to the Son of Man.  Every answer you and I have ever needed have been in plain sight, we're the one's who turned our backs on God and chose not to care, when the mystery was no mystery at all...YOUR TIME WAS TOO IMPORTANT TO SPEND TIME WITH GOD IN PRAYER!