Out Of The Darkness, Came An Incredible Light

In an atmosphere absolutely void of time and space existed a tremendously powerful force. The elements that formed the veil of existence had to bow down and away as the force passed by.  Movement being lightning quick, without hesitation and millions of light years passed through within micro seconds.  No sounds were heard, because there were no ears to hear, nor was the awesome force gazed upon, whereas there were no eyes to see.  Every crease in the molecular structure could feel the power and speed surging through it and this power had no limitations or boundaries...infinity was its chariot and the ions of time held no chains upon it.  In a world where this unlimited energy surged to and fro, as everything came in contact with it, they would simply peel away as if to pay homage.  Darkness was this forces' companion and its worshipers were merely matter.

One moment a spoken word thrust through the darkness, a voice that shook the depths of the darkness...JESUS was the word spoken.  Everything had come to a complete halt.  Before this word echoed out across the limitless stretch of pitch black the force was shrouded in complete darkness and time was spellbound, but now as all the elements in this world bowed, a great light now shone.  This light illuminated the entire atmosphere.  Every atom stood at attention before the brilliant light.  The light began to beam from the center of itself and as it began to separate, a shape horizontally and vertically appeared.  Once again the voice spoke...'I AM' and immediately the light became the shape of a man...no, a Angel man.  His countenance was too great to gaze upon and the glow illuminating from his body beamed out as if touching the edge of eternity.  The voice that spoke was so intense it had literally shattered the darkness.  Just above this lighted figure there was a light shining even greater than the figure and the voice shouted with a sound knowing no measurements 'This Day You Are My Son Jesus!'

Could this have been how and where God was before he made creation?  In the endless space of space?  The planets, stars and galaxies hadn't been created...so where was God and what made him decide at this particular moment to create anyone or anything?

Today most people will tell you they believe in God or a Supreme being.  Could this awesome God really be our friend, someone who lives you and I more than we could ever imagine? Did his son Jesus really step out that day from utter darkness before anything was created, seated at the right hand of the Father and because of his love for humanity stepped from his Glory and came down among us?  Did he surrender himself on the Cross of Calvary, made from the very tree he created and did he form the Centurion in his mother's womb that nailed him to this tree?  Well think about the beginning, I mean the absolute beginning when he rode across eternity in his chariot.  When you're God and when you speak the universe appears, babies are shaped by his handiwork and the entire world and all its inhabitants live and move at his beckoning.  Well if you believe these things are possible you surely must believe he has supernatural power to love you and I unconditionally.  He demonstrated it on Calvary and if you'll open your heart he'll demonstrate it to you...today!

It breaks my heart and I cringe when I hear Hollywood use his Holy name as a cuss word.  A lot of Americans will say jesus christ or f-------christ, never giving it a second thought.  This name...JESUS is yesterday...today...and forever the most powerful name in existence and because he exist...you exist!  His awesome power holds your very heartbeat in his hands and his love for you never waivers!  He ask of us to simply acknowledge his Lordship and turn our backs on this world.  Not the world he created, once without spot and blemish, but a world that refuses to acknowledge this great King and prefers to live in the darkness.

You and I will never know where God came from or why he decided one day in the ions of time to put us on this tiny planet in the middle of this awesome universe.  God has decided that some things are better left unknown.  What I do know in my heart of hearts is that one day or one micro second a light entered the atmosphere and his Father named him JESUS and he is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

When you speak his name, before unconsciously use it due to the lack of vocabulary...stop for a minute and realize this name JESUS isn't a dirty rag, but he is a mighty King to be greatly Praised!