Be Patient, Wait On God And Pray

God you give me the strength to carry out my daily chores.
Holy Spirit you empower me to fight with the Word in Spiritual wars.
How many of us take the time to kneel and pray.  If you're troubled and hurting enough you might speak to may?
Have you asked your Father today, why is your deliverance taking so long?  
Funny how we pretend and think we're something special, when we've lived so much of our wrong!
To me, God is very amazing, if only for his ability to watch us wander and go astray, to know he says he will forgive and forget and hold you blameless through Christ's blood on Judgement day.
If we invested in God the energy and time seeking him, searching the scriptures to seek his face, this world would not be unraveling at such a record pace.
Go green, slow down the global warming, take God out of everything in our culture and you don't see the connection, how it's really harming.
I've often wondered why God waits so long before he answers our prayers, could it be he knows you've forgotten to reach out for him...blinded with our life's cares.
If we're honest with ourselves, we're pretty selfish and stubborn, able to handle everything regardless how it made us feel.  Problem was, with our plan for life we couldn't see everything we've allowed Satan to steal.
God's no bully, sure the plan is his for the making, but God is watching in amazement in the road you've been taking.
Life can chew you up and spit you out and still you think you're a real tough guy.  So why do you find yourself down trodden and broken and humbly asking your Creator...WHY?
God owes you and I no answers, the Creator of the universe, having to piece together answers to your constant whining and crying, he's given you all the answers at Calvary where he hung dying.
Life's a big melting pot of people, events, situations and everything beginning to seem out of whack and out of place.  We need to be still, slow down, call out his name Jehovah Jireh, My Provider..designer of the human race!
You want your life to begin to experience some joy, some peace, to receive some much needed rest?  Then go ahead God says...try me, put me to the test!
I saw you at conception, for nine months I formed every atom and molecule that shaped your body, your every organ was designed by my hand, I breathed breath into your lungs. The way I Created you was for my good pleasure and I don't care how hard you try to ignore and forget me, I'll never forget my Treasure!
Regardless of all the lies Satan pours into your ears, you've been purchased with Jesus' blood that poured out in his tears.
That's right your God prayed that the cup he was about to drink would be removed from his sight, but he loved the Father, you and I to ever walk away and allow Satan the victory that night.
We continue to hide our heads in the sand and hope everything will somehow just go away. It's not to late America, God says seek my face and continue to pray.  THANK YOU FATHER GOD, I KNOW YOU'RE STILL ON THE THRONE!