It's Your Pain...Take It To God, Not The Innocent

In the book of Genesis the man named Cain slew his brother Abel, because he was jealous that God had honored Abel's offering, but he didn't respect Cain's offering and Cain became distraught and angry with God and towards his brother.  The way Cain decided to handle his anger was to let it manifest in the act of murder towards his brother and therefore the first murder in history was recorded.

This act of violence had taken place on earth, but it had been planned in the supernatural realm.  Satan had defeated Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and now he had placed in man's heart the desire to strike out against anyone or anything that had 'wronged' you.

Today's headlines are the realization of the plan Satan had designed to shake his fist in God's face, that this creation that God had made in his image was now bearing in his heart the likeness of the evil one.

The slaughter of twenty innocent children at Sandy Hook Elementary, where these victims of senseless violence were called off this earth way too early.  Now people want answers, why would someone kill a small child who hasn't been effected by the ugliness of this world.  The individual that performed this horrendous act was definitely disturbed, he very obviously had no belief in a higher power who has said woe to anyone that would harm these little ones.  Someone or something had ingrained a hatred in this young man's heart.  He had problems and he didn't have a clue how to deal with them.  It seems that the majority of these mass killings involve people who have been described as loners, people unconnected to their surroundings and sometimes are the brunt of people's cruel jokes or actions towards them.  Whatever the authorities come up with that they feel was the motive, displaying such careless disregard for human life, the fact remains that man's heart has been effected ever since Cain and Abel.

Today's young people are bombarded with violent movies and video games, they may do illegal drugs, but the core of the problem stems from a personality that cannot pull their lives together.  Stress from every direction, the pressure to succeed in a society that really demands that you 'fit in.'  A lot of children put on a masquerade to be someone that will be accepted, even if it means acting in a manner that really doesn't please this individual.

The easy access to weapons and ammunition has definitely made the 'victims' ability to strike back at whatever has made their life uncomfortable or unbearable to face daily.  The hurt they have endured has been confined within, no mental help, no prayers to God, no parental discussions and basically no peer relationships.  The public is told to look for the warning signs, but these individuals have become very good at hiding their feelings and avoiding confrontations, because their lives have been a battleground.  Whether bullied in school, abused by their parents emotionally or physically the toll can and does become overwhelming.

The question most people can't get their heads around is...why didn't this person just commit suicide?  Why all the slaughter of innocent lives?  I guess that question can only be answered by Almighty God.  I can only imagine that this person has felt so much hurt in their lives tht they want to make other people hurt the same way.

We all realize that life can be very trying at times.  We have to make a concerted effort to instill in our children that their problems, big or small, are our problems also and we need to listen to their issues and rather than chastising them, offer solutions of how to approach the problem in a calm and rational manner.  When a child seems to ignore your input and seems to be withdrawing from public contact, the next step should be to seek professional help.

No one will ever know if Columbine, Gabby Gifford or the Colorado movie shootings could have been prevented, but I'm convinced each individual had been suffering some type of abuse for an extended period of time and by the time they couldn't handle it anymore and felt absolutely helpless, their next step was to devise a plan to inflict their sufferings on others.

A normal thinking person wouldn't take such desperate measures, but someone who has no spiritual upbringing and no support system from family and friends sees these acts of violence as the only offering for getting even for a life that has 'dealt them a bad hand.'

Today the headlines once again displayed a horrible act of senseless violence.  A former news reporter who had a history of not dealing with his co-workers.  Displaying a pattern of not connecting with his job or the people he was required to work with.  So he decided to take the course of the first murderer, Cain.  He proceeded to track down and slaughter a young reporter (just24) and her partner cameraman (27 years old), robbing these people of their lives and stabbing a dagger through their families and friends hearts.  

My prayers go out to all the friends and families of the individuals killed in these acts of senseless violence that have destroyed so many lives.  Satan placed a thought of violence in Cain's mind and he proceeded to carry it
out against his brother Abel.  There will never...ever be an end to this random violence until mankind acknowledges that the issue lies within our hearts.